Thursday, January 22, 2009

Insights on Green Building for 2009

Jerry Yudelson of Yudelson Associates, the leading green building consulting firm describes how the Obama Administration will affect the green building industry. Yudelson view (in video above) on green building in an Obama nation is just one part of the ten trends he anticipates for 2009. These include;

  1. Green building will continue to grow more than 60% in 2009
  2. Green building will benefit from the new Obama presidency
  3. The focus of green buildings will begin to switch from new to existing buildings
  4. Awareness of the coming global crisis in fresh water supply will increase
  5. LEED Platinum projects will become more commonplace
  6. Solar power use in buildings will accelerate
  7. Local governments will increasingly mandate public and private green buildings
  8. Zero net energy designs for new buildings gain increasing acceptance
  9. Green homes will come to dominate new home home developments
  10. European green building technologies will become better known and adopted in U.S. and Canada
For further information on Jerry Yudelson or Yudelson Associates go to their SITE

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