Tuesday, January 27, 2009

National Geographic Makes Picks for Best Adventure Travel Company

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Looking for more than just another vacation - looking for some soul inspiration? Your best bet to get you started in the right direction is Journey International - more than a travel company, it's a trusted compass to the adventure of a lifetime.

Founded in 1978 (decades before the term Eco-Travel or Adventure Travel made headlines)Will and Joan Weber took a small group of open minded travelers on a journey to discover Nepal. Their hope for this trip was to provide their travelers with an emotional and spiritual experience as well as a physical one. The tour involved learning about the local culture and the natural environment through direct, respectful interaction and contributing to the preservation of the Nepalese culture. Since then Journey has expanded to a full blown travel business with a seasoned staff searching out new destination and new ways in which to experience them. Their 14-person company offers 300 trips to 45 locations, including Antarctica, the jungles of Madagascar, and Bhutan. This year National Geographic, publisher of Adventure Travel Magazine, awarded Journeys top honors for the second year in a row in the "Do It All Adventure Travel" category - landing them amongst the best adventure travel companies in the world.

"At JOURNEYS, adventure travel means more than just a physical experience - it should be emotional, intellectual and spiritual too," according to the editors of National Geographic Adventure. "Clients explore these inner realms during tours that might include a mediation session with Buddhist monks in Ladakh or hang time with local healers in the volcanic highlands of Guatemala.

For more information on Journeys International, go to their site at www.journeys.travel

(Pictured above - Galapagos Islands - one of the many destinations offered at JI)

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