Thursday, April 16, 2009

ETHOS Paris: Ethical Fashion Done Right

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Paris based Ethos fashion house creates simple, modern and uncompromisingly romantic pieces that deliver comfort, without compromising style. But the story behind the line, is no less impressive then the line itself; an organization built on utmost integrity and authenticity. Founded by Ann Leroux and her daughter Leslie Leroux, the duo decided to change the way business was being done in their industry after being inspired by the “Trade Not Aid” slogan adopted by developing countries.

The company was built with the utmost commitment to Fair Trade practices; paying a fair price for raw materials and for the processing and manufacture of clothing that meets international standards for style and quality. The company also transmits skills and business know-how to their working partners in developing countries and contributes to local communities. All Ethos garments are additionally created from organic materials cultivated without harm to the environment or the health of its inhabitants. Now that is style, done right.

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