Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting "Self-Centered:"
Making Meditation Hip to a New Generation

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A new-school movement aims to inspire one million young people to get “self centered” and become more authentic, grounded, balanced and self-aware by spending time each day connecting to their inner selves through meditation.

Founder and chief enlightenment officer Max Simon, who at 22 became the youngest teacher in the history of the world-renowned Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, Calif., has spent the last four years traveling the country teaching meditation and yoga to thousands of people at the Chopra Center’s prestigious workshops and events. Noticing that traditional methods of teaching weren’t attracting a younger demographic, Simon decided to create an alternative approach to show his generation how to step away from the endless mind-chatter, disconnect from the buzz, and settle into a world of authentic inner calm.

“Let’s face it; we live in an intense world. Yet just because the whirlwind exists doesn’t mean that we have to get caught up in it,” said Simon. “ Our movement attracts dynamic, conscious, and creative people who are interested in feeling centered, living with passion, and being authentic.”

In reaching out to a community of younger people, Self Centered demonstrates that there is more to the next generation than addiction to celebrity gossip, shiny things, and reality TV. While a wealth of scientific evidence validates that meditation is good for body and soul, a smarter, savvier, more engaged population requires a more experiential, hands-on, do-it-yourself form of inner connectivity.

Simon is training a unified team of Awareness Architects, ceritified instructors and consciousness-raisers, many of whom contribute content to the selfcentered web site’s Luminary Blogs (www.getselfcentered.com/blogs) and will develop events and group experiences in many corners of the world. Self Centered also tours North America and runs training programs in various cities certifying new Awareness Architects who believe, live, and teach the value of "self centeredness."

Max Simon is producing a new film on meditation that hopes to spread the message of mediations power and relevance in todays society. The film is directed by Anka Malatynska. For more information on the film and on getting self centered - go to www.getselfcentered.com Here is the trailer for the film

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