Monday, April 20, 2009

The Hidden Gifts of Cloudy Days


After a weekend of empty Spring promises, I woke up today to a cold and rainy morning more reminiscent of late November then late April. What a "downer." My sandals stood saddened by my front door like rejected children waiting to be chosen in gym, another day. Life is like that sometimes, haven't you noticed? Bright, cheerful and optimistic one day - you find yourself in the clouds the next. I doubt that any amount of therapy, meditation, medication, money, friends, clothes or chocolate can cure this condition. It's just the rules of the game of life I think. Perhaps there is a purpose for our rainy days.

I have found something interesting about my "cloudy moments," they always deliver some little (sometimes big) snippet of wisdom on their heels; some morsel I didn't even know I was missing. It's truly amazing how the universe aligns in some "magical way" to create some convenient episode that brings to me new found wisdom on my own condition and that of the world. In younger days such episodes perhaps were less welcomed. Difficulties were viewed in a vacuum with no redeeming value - just thieves of my carefree happiness. Now, a bit older and hopefully wiser, I often pause and think about why troubles come my way. They are never meaningless or empty; each delivers a hidden truth, a gift. Like cloudy rainy days, somehow they water my spiritual roots, trickling down to the depth of my soul - helping my growth.

Today will be a busy day for me. Calls to be made, articles to be edited and researched, kids to be tended to. I am happy under the cozy blanket of this damp day, it has it's value too. With no pressure to be out in the glorious sun, I can get to the business at hand. With summer just weeks away, there will be many days of sunshine and distraction and laughter and celebration...until it is time yet again for another hidden gift, of a cloudy day.

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