Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prince Charles Explores "Harmony" in Nature in New Book and Film

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Royalty is coming to bookstores as Britain’s Prince Charles pens a book arguing that the world’s pursuit of economic growth and technology has become “dangerously disconnected” from nature, publishers said on Monday. A children's picture book version is planned as is a film. The book titled "Harmony" is set to hit shelves in 2011.

"Harmony," to be published by Rupert Murdoch's New York house HarperCollins, will be a plea for a revival of "the lost balance between Man and Nature and to follow a more philosophical path which reconnects humankind with ancient wisdom and intuition." It will bring together the various strands of his belief in a need for caution and conservation, with climate change as its focal point. In a statement, the prince set out his desire to "rediscover that sense of being a part of, rather than apart from nature.' Then, he went on, "we would perhaps be less likely to see the world as some sort of gigantic production system, capable of ever-increasing outputs for our benefit - at no cost."

The book is expected to draw on the prince's experience as an organic farmer, with scenes in the documentary to be filmed on his Highgrove estate and the U.S.

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