Monday, April 13, 2009 "Pays It Forward"
...One Click At A Time

---trends + business + politics--- was launched in April of 2009 by site founder Eddie Struckman and project manager Chris Norman. The good willed site is free to anyone and is not looking for a monetary profit. The whole program is based around one simple concept - doing good and passing on the message to others, via a "seedaneed card."

This is how it works: When you do a good deed you hand someone the card and they can register and talk about the deed done to them on the site. They are then instructed to take the card and pass it to the next person. This allows a string of good deeds that can be tracked by an ID, all starting from one seed sown.

The visionary St. Louis based organization is very similar to pay it forward is looking to bring daily awareness that good things can still happen. "The main difference from pay it forward is the fact we have something in hand that will remind someone to pass the good thing on." Said Eddie Struckman project founder

SeedANeed is not a charity or institution looking to raise funds or accept contributions. It is a cause that anyone can participate in. The cause does have sponsors that have wished to remain anonymous and has really worked hard to have volunteers and business help with events. has worked very hard in launching the program in the St Louis area and is now working on a national campaign. The site was launched at the St Louis Cardinals Opening day game with lines wrapping around the local plaza. The have been having events with Arby's, Local Car Dealerships, and the University of Missouri. They have done everything from buy meals, to paying for Oil Changes for Veterans.

"It is our goal to see this cause go International and see lives touched all around the world," Eddie Struckman

If you would like to know more about the program, or "seed a need" on your own - check out the site

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