Monday, April 13, 2009

"Stage IV" (Dir: Hanneh Rudkilde) -
Discovering the Meaning of Life, While Dying

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What is the meaning of life, when death comes knocking? For one woman facing terminal illness and her family the answer lay somewhere in the poignant journey to make sense of the what seems painfully senseless. "Stage IV" is a riveting documentary that explores how a family’s dreams evolve in the midst of life's most difficult moments, providing answers to life's biggest questions in the process. It's a poetic and intimately honest film that delivers a life changing message with heavy doses of inspiration and even humor.

Stage IV, directed by Hanneh Rudkilde, had its world premiere to a full house at Boulder International Film Festival February 13, and is awaiting festival notices in May and August in locations nationwide. For more information on how you can see and/or support this film, go to

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