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Aiding Africa's Water Crises:
20 City in 20 Day Peace,Water &Wisdom Walk

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The BARKA Foundation and Global Walk announce the inaugural Peace, Water & Wisdom Walk to raise funds and awareness for the work of The BARKA Foundation. BARKA is a US and Burkina Faso-based NGO addressing the centrality of water's role in eradicating extreme poverty in Burkina Faso, West Africa, a country ranked 173rd out of 179 countries on the Human Development Index (UNDP 2008).

"We went to the women out in the bush and small villages and asked them what their greatest need was. They all said water. We took our directive from those women. Women in Burkina walk for miles every day to get water. When a village has a well, women can sustain micro-businesses, girls can attend school, irrigation leads to increased crop yields, and disease declines. It is the single most important thing. Clean water is a human birthright and it's our collective responsibility to ensure everyone has it," said Ina & Esu Anahata, Co-Founders, The BARKA Foundation.

The Walk will be guided by Danny Garcia, the "Walking Man" who has walked for children and world peace since Dec 1996. Garcia has walked over 25,000 miles (more than the circumference of the earth), on five continents and has met with and has been honored by kings, presidents, dignitaries, men, women and children all over the world.

Garcia said, "Water is priceless. When Ina & Esu asked for my help in their vision to build wells throughout Burkina Faso I felt compelled to step out on faith with the absolute certainty that God would bless this venture."

Itinerary of Walk:
Walk begins on May 11 at 10am in front of the United Nations, 1st Ave and 46th St, NYC
All walks along the journey begin at 9am at the Town Hall of each city.
May 11th: Arriving in White Plains, NY
May 12th: Chappaqua, NY
May 13th: Danbury, CT
May 14th: Kent, CT
May 15th: Great Barrington, MA
May 16th: Pittsfield, MA
May 17th: Northampton, MA
May 18th: Greenfield, MA
May 19th: Brattleboro, VT
May 20th: Peterborough, NH
May 21st: Manchester, NH
May 22nd: Durham, NH
May 23rd: Portsmouth, NH
May 24th: Kennebunk, ME
May 25th: Portland, ME
May 26th: Auburn, ME
May 27th: Augusta, ME
May 28th: Waterville, ME
May 29th: Newport, ME
May 30th: Bangor, ME

Welcoming reception at Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor, 120 Park St. Check websites above for up-to-date route information and locations of nightly press events.

"Join us in prayer, join us on foot, join us with a dollar, join us with 5 dollars, join us with whatever would move your heart, even sharing this request with friends… help us bring bubbling springs from the depths of the earth to give a thirsty land water for life," said Danny Garcia.

The BARKA Foundation and Global Walk, two non-profits working in concert to promote a culture of peace, are asking for donations for BARKA's efforts to increase accessibility to clean water for the rural population of Burkina Faso, a landlocked nation of 14 million that is among the poorest in the world.

Donations can be made online at, through a Peace, Water & Wisdom Walk "Cause" on (Profile: Esu Ina), made out and mailed to The BARKA Foundation, P.O. Box 69, Housatonic, MA 01236 or delivered personally on the Walk.

Peace, Water & Wisdom Walk organizers are also seeking participation from local schools, youth groups, women's associations, senior centers, health practitioners, businesses, faith-based organizations, civic and political leaders to join the walk and to open dialogue with BARKA about its local and international humanitarian efforts. BARKA also has curriculum-based materials available for schools.

Nightly press conferences and screenings of "BARKA BURKINA", a new documentary film about BARKA's work in the U.S. and Burkina, directed by Ina & Esu at locations to be announced.

Get involved...make a difference, walk for water - or spread the word !

Here is a trailer of "Barka Burkina"

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