Friday, May 1, 2009

Celebrating Mothers Day & Aiding Moms Worldwide: The Exotic World Gifts Solution

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Mothers Day is around the corner, and this year why not give a Mother's Day gift that inspires that special mom in your helping transform the life of another mother in need. is an e-commerce site selling culturally authentic handcrafted jewelry, purses, scarves, shawls, home d├ęcor, elephant art and unique gifts to help artisans in developing countries have sustainable income.

Without Fair Trade wages, women can not work their way out of impoverished situations. The key priority is for women artisans to give their children education. After consistently hearing this in Africa, Bali, Cambodia and around the globe, Exotic World Gifts created a way to make this happen.

Each purchase empowers artisans with an opportunity for a better future. The site abides by Fair Trade principles and pays each artisan Fair Trade wages (30 – 50% more than with Free Trade). "Without Fair Trade wages, women can not work their way out of impoverished situations. The key priority is for women artisans to give their children education" says founder Liz Allen, who quit her corporate career and sold her house to start her own woman-owned business.

Participating in the program are the Nyishi Tribe Artisan women who have been rescued from child marriages in the Himalayan mountainous region of India - a group of brave and talented women artisans who create handcrafted jewelry. These women are victims of child marriage and now live in a Short Stay Home run by the cooperative.

There is also the Ban Napho Weaving Group in Thailand who make the finest quality silk scarves and shawls, yet live in poverty. Only able to get one season of crops, this Artisan group must rely on weaving skills to thrive., gives these talented Artisans a way to have sustainable income via selling to the US market on the internet.

Thene there is Paulene Ntombura, an amazing woman and inspiration behind Soapstone products from Kenya. Pauline grew up as the daughter of a tribal chief in the village of Kisii in southwest Kenya. Bucking the tradition that women stay in the home, Pauline obtained her education. Later she established a soapstone workshop which now employs more than 800 people (about 50% are women). Pauline is paid Fair Trade Wages and, in turn, Pauline pays her artisan's fair wages so they can afford decent housing, education for their children and basic healthcare.

Purchasing fine handcrafts from is about conscious shopping for sustainable gifts - shoppers feel connected compassionately and know they are helping mothers around the world. This year, on mothers day, honor your mother - by reaching out and simultaneously honoring mothers of the world in her name, through making your purchase at Exotic World Gifts.

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