Wednesday, May 13, 2009

West Virgina Coal Association Markets Dirty Little Tones (Environmentally That Is)

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Can a ring tone be bad for the environment ? Hard to imagine, but if the West Virginia Coal Association finds success with it new catchy ring just might be.

Just have a read of these lyrics!

"West Virginia coal gonna take you on a ride,
Gonna take you to the city to the shore and countryside,
Gonna let you work your magic and your power and your pride,
West Virginia coal, you’re on your way!
From the coal found deep in the dark today, we come up with the light for America! America!

Well, it might not win a Grammy, but it sure can make one feel that sort of dirty, destroying your planet sort of way.

Here is a great little video produced by the Sierra Club "in honor" of this great effort by our pals at Virgina Coal..

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