Monday, June 1, 2009

Holistic Warfare:
Killing Colds and Flues...Naturally

I got ill this weekend - terribly, horribly, knock you on your back ill. It's an interesting phenomena that any ailment seems to arrive immediately following my Saturday morning chiropractic adjustment, my chiropractor calls it "release care" ...meaning releasing of whatever it is that is already in your system. I suppose that it didn't (or did, depending how you look at it) help that I decided to do a little cleanse that day; apple cider vinegar + cayenne mix which came only a couple hours after I ate some of my usual fermented veggies with my lunch. By 1AM it was clear - my body was in the midst of a war - fever, aches, stomach churning and noise effects that seemed more ready for an exorcism then a detox. By Sunday morning when I awoke there was what felt like 10% of me left. Laying in bed I plotted and planned my strategy for recovery.

First: Assessment: Stomach is weak, head is achy, body is weak and achy. In addition - slight fever partnered with nausea. In short, all circuits are short. I wobbled downstairs and pulled some bovine colostrum (amazing immune booster and great for digestive concerns) that we get shipped from a farm out of state. One cool half glass down the drain. I waited 30 mts - to check in and see how it took. All good. Now for a small bowl of raw milk yogurt mixed with raw milk Kefir to get some of the necessary good bacteria back in my gut. Other than some rather exciting sound effects - again, all good. Out of the freezer I removed one frozen container of chicken stock that we get from the farm, made from grass fed organic chickens (making a stock that is cooked for 24 hrs by the extraordinary delight). I slowly defrosted it and readied it for sipping throughout the day. Now, onward to my oils.

I have been using essential oils now for about a month. I got turned onto them by a friend who suggested I try them ages ago for my sons respiratory issues (which are now basically non existent). Since then I have used them for a multitude of issues - today they will be my arsenal for recovery. I pulled out a bit of peppermint and put it on my temples and back of my neck to relieve my foggy and achy head as well as nausea, and a few drops on my belly that was still doing some minor somersaults. I put some lemon that mixed with the peppermint in my hands to inhale for a wake me up. Now for the serious stuff.

Out comes the oregano oil (an antiviral power house) to be applied on my feet and then diluted and applied along my spine and wrists. I add to the mix Thieves oil (another powerhouse blend to ward of illness) which also goes on feet. I get my cool mist diffuser and in it I place a mix of Oregano + Thieves + Eucalyptus and turn it full blast - running on an off throughout the day. I don't have any Thyme (anti-bacterial) at the moment - or Di Gize (great for digestive issues), but would have included that if I had. I keep reapplying oils another 2-3 times throughout the day (including at bedtime), in between cups of the fresh soup stock and 500 mg of Vit C about every hour and a half. By nightfall - I am back to 65% me - walking freely, more energy, even daring to eat a peach from the fridge..stomach - responds with mild rumble. I am both impressed and relieved.

I awake in the morning feeling I am 90% me. Today I will get a quickie adjustment, do another regimen of yesterdays arsenal and am confident that by tomorrow I will be back to my vibrant self. Without one drop of cold, flu or stomach medication, pain meds, or visits to doctors I cured myself by trusting my body, my natural healing tool box and my intuition. Healing made cheap, easy and (somewhat) homemade.

(Pictured Above: Influenza Virus Particles in Airways of Human Lungs)

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