Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Retail Giant H&M Go's Green With Organic Skincare and Clothing Line

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The trendy H&M retailer is getting hip to sustainability, as increasingly consumers demand Eco-friendly choices. The retail giant will roll out its first skincare products line made with organic ingredients this month. This follows hard on the heels of the retailer’s foray into Eco friendly garments using (mostly) organic materials.

If these scrubs and soaps are indeed the greenest of goods, H&M can finally kick any image-tarnishing remnants from its recent genetically-modified (GMO) cotton usage. The scandal caused a PR nightmare for the company. H&M quickly tried to do damage control by intelligently bring Ecocert into the picture with it's skin care release.

H&M says the five products, which range from lip balms to body scrubs, are all based on Ecocert certified natural and organic ingredients. Ecocert is Europe’s largest control and certification body for organic and natural cosmetics. Additionally, they are adding to their offering a slate of natural perfumes derived from essential oils and sold in recyclable packaging (priced between $5.50 and $7). Two cosmetic bags are constructed from organic cotton as well.

This move might certainly cement H&M’s Eco-conscious position in consumers’ minds. In addition to saving money, by shopping the world’s third largest retailer they are also taking part in a sustainable initiative. As if on cue, sales have trended up in the last two months, with an 11% increase in January.

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